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Construction Site Collapse Due to Contractor Error


Soil nailing is a relatively inexpensive and fast means for permanently shoring
exposed excavations. However, exposed walls are inherently unstable, so it is
imperative that any walls not nailed by end of day be shored with a temporary
dirt berm. This was not done on the day before the collapse of a section of wall.

The walls of an excavation at a high rise construction site were being shored with a technique known as soil nailing when overnight a portion of a wall collapsed, causing millions of dollars of damage due to repair and delays. At issue was why a section of excavated wall was left exposed at the end of the workday, which was strictly prohibited by the contractor. Ultimately, it was determined that the site superintendent decided to leave work before the soil nailing crew was finished for the day. Both the crew’s company and the supervisor’s engineering firm were sued for negligence.

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