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Forensic Evidence Disproves Two Eyewitnesses’ Testimony


This still frame is representational of the scenes entered into evidence during
trial. A key defense point was to counter the eyewitness testimony that the
defendant, while lying on his back with a shirt on, spurted blood up and
onto the front of the defendant who was purportedly positioned over him.
Not only was this allegation physiologically impossible, it failed to explain
the blood spatter on the back and over the shoulder of the defendant.

It was the defendant’s word against two eyewitnesses–until allegations of perjury surfaced. In this homicide case, reconstruction of the defendant’s story proved he was telling the truth, as demonstrated by crucial blood spatter evidence. A dramatic animation proved instrumental in illustrating what really happened. Initially, the defendant was convicted of stabbing to death a person who confronted him while in his car at a stop sign.

Two eyewitnesses testified that during the altercation the defendant stabbed the decedent while standing over him, with the decedent laying on his back in the street. The prosecutor cited as physical evidence a t-shirt worn by the defendant that was covered in blood. The defendant was convicted of second-degree-murder.

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