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Using Motion Capture to Simulate Mechanism of Injury


Legal Arts utilized motion capture technology, commonly used in the entertainment industry, to reconstruct both interpretations of the event to simulate accurate human movement leading up to the moment of contact with the overhead conductor. Although the simulations were created for the defendant utility company, both sides published animations or static images of the work product to the jury.

Plaintiff was a professional window washer who improperly used an extendable water-fed pole and brush to clean rooftop windows. As he wielded the pole, it contacted an overhead 12kV conductor, causing catastrophic electric shock injuries. At issue was the manner Plaintiff held the pole at time of contact with the wire: was it brush down as he stood on a parapet washing the outside of a window as Plaintiff recollected, or was it brush up with the base against his groin, where he experienced a circular burn injury as the defense human factors expert opined?

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