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Was Victim Fatally Stabbed by the Accused or Another Suspect?


For each of several stab wounds suffered by the victim, a display board
was produced that portrayed an autopsy source photo of the wound,
a foundational photograph of two actors posing to simulate an attack
that was consistent with the wound from an assailant in front of the
victim, and two images of posed 3D-characters from elevation and plan
(overhead) views.

A homicide victim suffered numerous stab wounds to his back, torso, and face during a fight with two brothers. The prosecution accused only one of the brothers of wielding the knife (the only one who was apprehended), even though the medical examiner said the wounds could have been caused by either suspect.

At issue was the position of the assailant to the victim: was he to his front where the fugitive was, or to his right, where the defendant was? In addition, DNA evidence collected from the two brothers, the victim, and the scene indicated that the fugitive brother’s blood matched samples found on a vehicle that the victim was pressed against when he was fatally stabbed, while the accused’s blood was not found there.

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