The use of visual communication throughout the entire course of litigation can directly influence outcome. However, the most effective methods of conceiving, designing, producing, and presenting demonstratives are rarely, if ever, taught in law school.

Legal Arts staff has distilled years of experience into a collection of highly informative, profusely illustrated articles encompassing a diverse range of subjects that relate directly to challenges every trial lawyer experience.

Featured Article: Mastering Technology Tutorials for Litigation


Since the mid-1990s, technology tutorials have achieved great popularity in United States litigation practice for two very simple reasons: (1) the fact finder/decision maker who determines case outcome generally prefers to learn new technical material visually, and (2) attorneys want to control that learning process as much as possible.

This planning guide will help you and your staff plan and produce a technology tutorial that melds technical and creative content into an informative, interesting, and persuasive package that can be presented live, accessed online, or distributed as a stand-alone presentation, all within an acceptable and realistic budget.





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